Welcome to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, located in the center of the state, where Routes I-90 and I-84 meet. Sturbridge is a town of contrasts; home to Old Sturbridge Village, the largest outdoor history museum in the Northeast where you can step back into the 1830s. Sturbridge is also the site of a growing high tech industry, serving as the home base for the some of the pioneers in the fiber optic field. Quaint country inns and B&Bs along with modern hotels, motels, and conference centers cater to visitors.

A Place for Families 

Traditional Yankee food can be enjoyed in an authentic setting by an open fire or you can take the kids to their favorite fast food haunts.                         

You can shop for antiques at many local shops or at the famous nearby Brimfield Antique Show held three times a year. Or you can find modern fashions and handmade crafts at Sturbridge area stores and shops. There are rivers and lakes, campgrounds, state parks, and side roads that lead to farms and beautiful New England vistas. Whether on a short visit or a relocation to our area, Sturbridge and its surrounding communities will have you feeling at home in no time.



October 4, 2017 to November 10, 2017

The Sturbridge Water Department will be flushing water mains to remove sediments that can cause brown and black water complaints.
The flushing will take place from Wednesday October 4, 2017 until Friday November 10, 2017. We will start on the West end of Town. The flushing will begin at 8 AM and finish by 5 PM Monday through Friday each day. All customers should be aware that water main flushing can cause some temporary water discoloration throughout the community. The discoloration comes from small particles of iron and manganese that are removed from the pipe walls. The discoloration is temporary and typically clears in four to five hours.
It is recommended that residents check the water before use, especially prior to doing laundry. DO NOT TRY TO BLEACH STAINED CLOTHES, AS THIS WILL SET THE STAIN PERMANENTLY.
Customers can call the Water Department at 508-347-2513 or at Shane.Moody@veolia.com for further assistance
Read more: http://sturbridgema.pt7.vt-s.net/node/12783

Hamant Brook Dam removal update: WE HAVE RECEIVED WORD THAT SOME FOLKS ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE SIGNS AND OUR REQUESTS TO STAY OUT OF THE DAM REMOVAL CONSTRUCTION AREA. PLEASE FOLKS, THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! The construction equipment is LARGE and may not see you, and the trail surfaces have been damaged by all this equipment, and present hazards when walking. Please stay out of the area, go enjoy using our other trails! THANKS!